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Providing You With Professional Clothing Alterations Since 1977

Custom Bridal Gowns and Other Tailoring Services


Customize Your Gown

Need to make a few final touches to your bridal gown? Berdine's Stitchery has nearly 40 years' experience tailoring bridal gowns to your specific needs.
Add sleeves to your gown for a more modest look with our help.
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Long-Lasting Clothing

Instead of spending extra money replacing your favorite pair of jeans, bring in your ripped or torn pants to Berdine's Stitchery for an expert shirt and pant patchwork. Don't throw out your jacket because the zipper is broken, have it repaired by us today!
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Perfect cloth fit

Receive the Perfect Fit

Do you want your clothes to look like they were made specifically for your body? Berdine can tailor any outfit to fit your body like a glove.
From dress suits to school uniforms, trust Berdine to 
handle it all.
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We Guarantee Your Zipper Replacement

Enjoy your new zipper for life! We guarantee that your replaced zipper will last for the entire length of the wear of your garment. Our zipper guarantee is for normal wear and tear only. Berdine's Stitchery proudly provides unique alteration services. Berdine would like to thank you for giving her the opportunity to serve you. Contact Berdine today!

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